Looking for an actual technical co-founder?

If you find yourself looking for an actual technical co-founder… someone you want to put blood sweat, tears and their time without much pay, here’s what we’re possibly going to hear or think in our heads, and what you NEED to over-come… some how when you come to us with your idea:

Firstly “anyone can have an idea” . Keep that in mind at all times… because we have ideas too.

In a start-up there are 3 pillars,

  1. the visionary who gets and understands the problem and the customer and sell the idea like selling ice to someone living in Antarctica
  2. someone who can run the day-to-day stuff of the business, pay the bills, raise the money, meet with suppliers/vendors etc
  3. the technical guy… me

Rightly or wrongly that’s what we’ll most likely be thinking, if you can’t sell it, don’t really understand it, can’t raise the money… what are you bringing to the table… just an idea, and you want me to bring all the technical stuff… that’s one third of the pie to your… idea.

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