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Version 2.1 Released

What is new in CQRS.NET 2.1

We are very excited to announce the release of CQRS.NET 2.1!

This is a scheduled service release mostly focusing on adding much awaited sagas/process managers.

As always, our source code is on GitHub and published to NuGet.

#11 Added basic Saga (Process Manager) support.

Thanks to greyoy for contributing the main change. This also includes #12 #13 #14 and #15.

#17 Update the WebApi packages to allow an out-of-the-box simple implementation.

As part of completely re-writing our tutorials (#18) and samples (#16) (see our wiki) we added heaps of helpers and extra code to make out-of-the-box usage of CQRS.NET much easier. Seriously have a look at our Hello World sample in the wiki.

#19 Update simplified SQL data store to support multiple writes and separate reads.

Our simplified SQL data stores didn’t support writing to separate (multiple even) connections from what they read from. We’ve added this feature to allow event handlers to write to multiple servers (mirroring data) and reading from the closest, most performant server.

#20 All SendAndWait/PublishAndWait methods never return.

We noticed an error in our PublishAndWait methods – we hate them but they came in handy in our Northwind dashboard example (see our wiki). They never returned due to a type check issue. We’ve addressed the bug.

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