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Version 2.2 Released

What is new in CQRS.NET 2.2

We are very excited to announce the release of CQRS.NET 2.2!

This is a scheduled service release that focused heavily on simplification of Azure WebJob and WCF.

As always, our source code is on GitHub and published to NuGet.


#33 Add WebJob Host

We added a WebJob host to make working with Azure WebJob much easier and faster.

#25 Add a WCF example enhancement and #39 Add Azure WebJobSample with solution template enhancement

We’ve built a sample code project, an AngularJS SPA chat application as an example of how to code for an Azure deployment while still having local development.
It utilises:

  • An Azure WebJob to run all command and event handlers as well as aggregate execution.
  • ASP.NET WebAPI and ASP.NET MVC for serving a RESTful API.
  • WCF API for integration with legacy software with preconfigured WCF client classes.
  • Self generating API documentation – accessible from the menu
  • Azure Service Bus for network communication between your micro-service kernel and you WebAPI/WCF layers.

#32 Sample event reply tooling enhancement

This is an example tool to show how to perform event reply through event handlers. This is useful when you need to rebuild projections if they become corrupted or if you have a change to your event handlers that require all events to be replayed.


#41 SqlDataStoreExtension.Truncate raises a SQL error

During development we found an issue where the SqlDataStoreExtension.Truncate method would raised a SQL error. We’ve addressed this issue.

#60 Cqrs.Domain.AggregateRoot.ApplyChange stores Changes in the wrong order

During development we noticed that events were published and stored to the event store in the wrong order under certain conditions. We’ve addressed this issue.

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