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Sensible micro-services

Micro Servicing Properly One of the biggest mistake you can make is getting the granularity right for your micro-service. Where most developers go wrong is only thinking about the code, and not the operational resourcing required. By this I mean technical support, ensuring up-time, scaling easily, reconfiguring without recompiling etc. Think like you’re the guy […]

Bad Event Souring

One of the worst pieces of advise I’ve read recently involved event sourcing… specifically the advise was in relation to performance. So a question you’ll regularly get is “Isn’t event sourcing slow?”. Loading all those events and replaying them to get an aggregate back to it’s current state to make a change to it MUST be slow.  […]


How do you answer the question “How do I query events?”

One of the hardest concepts to learn and then over or come is “How do I query events?” The question in itself shows a disconnect from the concept of what events in an event sourced or CQRS application are there for. In short… you don’t query them, BUT… when you are faced with an architect […]